Are you ready for interventions in the city?

The project “INTERVENTION IN THE CITY” invites residents, professionals, legal entities and informal groups of citizens to carry out their own proposals for interventions in the city. These proposals will be the result of collaborative processes and their aim will be to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods.

The project supports the implementation of mild and small-scale interventions in all 7 city district councils of the municipality of Athens that will reflect the actual needs of the residents and will promote collaboration in the neighbourhood. Should the proposals be successful will receive a grant of up to €6000 per proposal.

The City of Athens will execute a series of open interest invitations to all the residents of Athens under the following strands:


01. Neighbourhood

02. Street

03. Building

04. Serafio


Specialised curators per sector will support the procedures and will be running workshops to assist the participants to develop and grow their proposals themselves.


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he deadline for submission of proposals has passed for the thematic strands NEIGHBOURHOOD, BUILDING, ROAD. It is still open for the Serafio - Public Building & Digital Art.

Follow each intervention: