Are you ready to "revive" a closed store in the center?

With the “SHOP IN THE CENTRE” project, the program provides for the exploitation of abandoned shops in the centre of Athens and aims to upgrade areas that have been “wounded” by the crisis.

The City of Athens has already launched a series of actions aimed at promoting economic development and upgrading of areas in Athens that have been hit hard by the crisis, resulting in their so-called desertification, as the wider “commercial triangle”.

The objective of the intervention is to open up closed-door shopping centres located on specific streets of the Centre to accommodate some activity. The initiative will stimulate existing and new economic activity, contributing to the maintenance and sustainability of interventions of aesthetic upgrading of the image of areas that are important attraction for visitors and residents.

The closed stores that are going to open will not be individual but will be a part of a wider route in the center of Athens, creating thematic units of purchase either on the same street or in a very close distance. The area of ​​implementation of the program is defined as the area in the wider “commercial triangle” between Omonia, Syntagma and Monastiraki.


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