The City of Athens encourages the process of co-creating the city's identity and creates opportunities for cooperation and development.

POLIS² is a pilot project of the City of Athens, implemented by the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency and signed by This is Athens, inviting Athenian residents and professionals to co-create the city identity.


POLIS² provides small financial grants and development support to residents, practitioners, formal and informal civil society groups to advance collaborative interventions in the city.


Through the project “INTERVENTIONS IN THE CITY,” the programme offers financial and technical support to residents and businesses to implement their own proposals for mild, small-scale interventions in the public space.


Through the project “SHOP IN THE CENTER,” the programme provides for the exploitation of abandoned shops in the center of Athens and aims to give impetus to the degraded areas.

“We call on the Athenians to co-shape the identity of the city and decide for themselves how to make their neighborhood more functional and beautiful. With this action, we want to highlight forgotten corners of the city, revitalise abandoned points and, above all, increase the use of public space. We are motivated to mobilise all active citizens of Athens. With joint actions, we can make our city more attractive for residents and visitors.”


George Kaminis

Mayor of Athens

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